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ADHD / ADD / Asperger Syndrome / Autism

Health practitioners have discovered Enzogenol, New Zealand Pine Bark Extract, as an effective nutritional therapy to support children with symptoms of hyperactivity, attention deficits and behavior problems. 

Several paediatricians specialising in the treatment of children with ABC disorders have found ENZO Professional, the Enzogenol formulation for health professionals, to be a very useful adjunct treatment for these kids. The ABC = Attention Behaviour Continuum comprises a number of conditions that include Attention Deficit Disorder, with and without Hyperactivity, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism and other conditions that share similar behavioural phenotypes. (
Read more about Enzogenol and the scientific evidence).


Free Sample Program for ADD / Autism Spectrum Kids

 Today research into antioxidants has revealed that free radicals play a part in many health problems, and that antioxidants can help reduce their harmful effects.

 This high potency formula includes Enzogenol the new, highly active broad spectrum antioxidant derived from the bark of the New Zealand Pine, (Pinus Radiata) together with Betatene a source of Provitamin A and betacarotene. The addition of Ester C and Natural Vitamin E plus specific amino acids and the antioxidant minerals, Zinc, Selenium and Managanese enhance the formulas free radical scavenging effects.

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