Enzogenol Professional a High Potency Anti-oxidant

 Today research into antioxidants has revealed that free radicals play a part in many health problems, and that antioxidants can help reduce their harmful effects.

 This high potency formula includes Enzogenol the new, highly active broad spectrum antioxidant derived from the bark of the New Zealand Pine, (Pinus Radiata) together with Betatene a source of Provitamin A and betacarotene. The addition of Ester C and Natural Vitamin E plus specific amino acids and the antioxidant minerals, Zinc, Selenium and Managanese enhance the formulas free radical scavenging effects.

The Bodys Defense Against Free Radical Damage

Left unchecked, oxidation can result in death. Fortunately, the body is able to curb free-radical damage by producing antioxidant molecules and enzymes. Their purpose is to neutralize oxidizing free radicals by donating an electron to them or robbing one from them. The body™s arsenal of antioxidants appears to be sufficient for keeping oxidation in check in children and in youth, but once we reach our twenties, the effectiveness of the body™s antioxidant defense mechanisms appears to lessen, and free radicals are given greater rein to do damage.¹ The results appear to be, that many of the diseases we associate with aging, including coronary heart disease, cancer, skin damage, Alzheimer™s disease, strokes, and rheumatoid arthritis are from free-radical damage.

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Plants, like humans, produce antioxidants for their own natural defense mechanisms. So, growing all around us are sources of antioxidants that can be ingested to augment our bodies natural supply. Indeed, researchers believe that increased dietary intake of antioxidants can slow the process of free-radical damage and associated diseases. Although fruits and vegetables contain the greatest amount of antioxidants in nature, their effectiveness as dietary antioxidants is diminished by four factors: (1) the concentrations of the different types of antioxidants in the plant tissues vary widely, (2) ripeness, storage, and growing conditions affect these concentrations, (3) few people ingest enough fruits and vegetables daily for optimum free-radical neutralization, and (4) dietary antioxidants are used up quickly by the body, requiring constant replenishment.  For all of these reasons, researchers turned from fruits and vegetables to dietary supplementation in their search for the best way to supply the body with the antioxidants it needs.

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