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ENZO Nutraceuticals Ltd is committed to both formal and informal studies to investigate the effects of Enzogenol on human health.

New Science shows Enzogenol helps to improves Brain Function!

Read more about the new clinical reserach of Enzogenol and cognitive function.

Test your working memory now!

Using the same task as in the clinical study you can now test how your brain performs, and learn whether you are doing well for your age or whether you should consider some intervention.

In our efforts to obtain scientific substantiation for the range of health benefits that Enzogenol has demonstrated through common use as a very strong antioxidant supplement since 1997, we have worked together with independent research institutes in New Zealand and overseas on pre-clinical and clinical research trails.

At this time five human clinical trials have been carried out demonstrating the health benefits of Enzogenol in the fields of:

We have researched this product for the ability to support optimum health. Further pre-clinical research has focussed on the effects of Enzogenol on skin for uses in topical applications:

  • Skin Cell Research The anti-ageing qualities of Enzogenol were investigated in Longevity Trials carried out with laboratory mice. In these trials all of the mice were fed a normal mouse chow diet and half of the mice also received a daily dose of the Enzogenol. In these studies we asked the question: Would animals receiving the Enzogenol live longer than the control animals?
  • Mouse Longevity Trials Extensive research has been conducted to define the molecular composition of Enzogenol and determine its antioxidant efficacy:

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on these pages communicates the finding of scientific research. The information is not deemed to imply any therapeutic effects and has not been evaluated by the FDA, TGA, Medsafe or other national health authorities.

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