Serotonin Support PLUS

Serotonin is the trademark name for a family of unique botanical compounds obtained by proprietary technology, using a special patent-pending process.

Serotonin balances the body by providing the all-natural nutrients that allows your body to naturally boost mood levels by lifting brain chemicals. Many people say that the greatest thing about Serotonin is how quickly it works. People that try Serotonin sometimes experience and feel it's benefits within days. However, with most people it is more typical to feel the positive effects of Serotonin in about 3 weeks.

The dramatic and positive benefits typically experienced with Serotonin are usually so obvious that there is no guess work in deciding if this all-natural supplement improves your daily life.

Within weeks (or sometimes days) people usually experience:

  • More Self Confidence
  • Better Mental Focus
  • Reduced Stress
  • More Energy
  • Better Sleep
  • Overall Feelings of Well-Being
  • Improved Relationships

What is Serotonin?

In the case of zea mays (or corn), this special extraction process usually occurs when the plant is tender and usually less than 12 inches tall. It is the timing, extraction process, and organic environment that make this otherwise common plant so effective.

As with nearly all organic and all-natural supplements such as our Pycnogenol, Enzogenol, MSM, Shark Liver Oil, and all our products, Serotonin is obtained from a well known source yet yields incredible results because of the purity of the extraction process and the great all-natural benefits of the source.

Serotonin improves mood and feelings of well being, making it a key factor in enhancing your ability to cope with stress*.  How important is it to increase your ability to cope with stress? Well, millions of Americans are currently living with stress-related ailments such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Low Libido
  • PMS
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Ulcers
  • Acid Stomach

This pure and natural nutrient "Serotonin" has undergone studies at renowned research centers such as the University of Utah and Rhodes University. Studies on Serotonin indicate it is safe with no known side effects.

How Does Serotonin Work?

Research at the University of Utah and Rhodes University also revealed that Serotonin assists with hormone function and synthesis in specific parts of the endocrine system which is responsible for coordinating sleep/wake cycles, mood and energy fluctuations, immune system response, and reproductive activity.

In particular, Serotonin assists the pineal gland, the hypothalamus, and the pituitary gland. There, Serotonin attaches to the cells and turns on beneficial processes inside.

Studies have also shown that Serotonin has a unique ability to optimize serotonin and melatonin production.

Serotonin has widespread and often profound benefits, including a role in sleep, appetite, memory, learning, mood, sexual behavior, cardiovascular function, and depression.

Serotonin also supplies the body with the nutritional tools necessary to optimize melatonin production, which supports such actions as: improving your sleeping patterns, antioxidant protection, and immune system support*.

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