The Enzogenol Story  






Enzogenol is so much more than just another Antioxidant!

Enzogenol® is a clinically proven broad spectrum of antioxidants purified from fresh New Zealand pine bark using pure water technology.  Substantial advancements are now available in;

  • Anti-ageing & Life Extension
  • Total Wellness and Optimum Health
  • Therapeutic regeneration

Enzogenol is the most powerful, comprehensive and broad spectrum natural antioxidant in the fight against free radicals.
More importantly, yet to be published scientific studies from New Zealand have shown some exciting benefits of Enzogenol.

Enzogenol has been proven to inhibit DNA and Protein damage in cells at statistically significant levels.
It also helps in the repair of DNA and protein previously damaged by free radicals. This is the first time such capability has been demonstrated. The evidence is so staggering and as Larry Stenswick, CEO of Enzo Nutraceuticals puts it, "the difference is as clear as day and night" when you see the laboratory results and studies.

What does this mean to you and I?
It is becoming increasingly clear among the scientific community that aging is proving to be the result of accumulated damage to DNA and protein by free radicals over many years. This effect is no doubt modified by genetic factors and environmental influences, such as diet and lifestyle. By having the ability to control and repair this damage to DNA and protein, we can influence the rate of ageing and also importantly, senescence.

Remember that DNA, the blueprint of our cells carry all the information for protein synthesis, hence cell replication and tissue repair. This has major implications on our immune response, the formation of cancer cells and development of degenerative diseases, previously thought to be an inevitable consequence of ageing.
This is most significant in the older age groups, where flavonoid intake is going down right at the time when their need is going up.
Enzogenol is safe even in very high dosage, different to drugs where toxicity appears at high dosage.

We have within our grasp a product that will not only make you live longer but also a better life, free of pain and the indignity that comes with growing old. This paradigm is no longer acceptable or inevitable.

You now have the opportunity to enjoy growing old with dignity and with the assurance of a body, free of pain and disease and a sound mind. Growing old does not have to be painful or embarrassing. This is all possible and within your grasp.

 If you can only afford one supplement, it has to be ENZOGENOL.


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