Exclzyme ® EN

Exclzyme® EN is a blend of enzymes containing various proteases of very high concentration that are not derived from an animal origin. It contains fungal proteases, Bromelain, Papain, and Peptizyme SP ® EN Peptizyme SP® EN is an enteric coated peptidase derived from sp. Serratia. This product is used worldwide as an anti-inflammatory enzyme replacing very expensive trypsin and chymotrypsin.  Peptizyme SP® EN is not only very effective but also suitable for all people who do not want to use animal derived enzymes.

Exclzyme®EN also contains doses of Amylase and Lipase. Besides these enzymes, it is supplemented with a natural gooseberry called Amia.

This unique berry gives very synergetic  support to enzymatic activity. It also contains Rutin, which has proven to help in repair of damaged tissue. Thus this is a unique formulation, which can be very helpful for athletes with tissue and muscle damage.

Enzymes Protease, Peptizyme SP® EN , Papain, Bromelain, Amylase, Lipase, Rutin, Amia. TPC Less than 3000 CFU/gm

EXCLZYME® EN Can be used with other herbal products. Optimum dosage must be determined on the individual user's need

Enzymes are complex protein substances that participate in every chemical reaction in every cell of our body. They are essential for all metabolic, reproductive, and defensive processes inside our body.  

Enzymes play a great role as a biocatalysts – they speed up chemical reactions. Without enzymes the chemical reactions that make up our life would be too slow for life as we know it.  Millions of chemical processes in our body are taking place every second – and without enzymes these processes would™ve taken hundreds of years.

More then 3000 enzymes provide normal vital functions in our body – most of them are proteolytic (protein-splitting). They are produced by our body or enter with the food we eat – fresh, not thermally processed. 

The enzyme is highly specific in its action. Enzymes work like a key and a lock - just as a key only works for one specifically programmed lock, an enzyme is programmed for one specific function. This particular enzyme only works with one particular chemical, and interacts with that chemical only. The human body contains a huge number of different enzymes working like clocks, providing an unlimited number of vital complicated processes.

To sustain all normal vital functions a human body needs to have an adequate number of enzymes. Nowadays almost everyone suffers from enzyme™s deficiency as a consequence of eating thermally processed food. Enzyme deficiency can happen because of genetic changes, and can cause serious health problems.

Medical scientists predict the big future in the development of new methods of enzyme therapy in maintaining good health and well-being and disease prevention.

Exclzyme®EN the new Santegra®™s exclusive systemic enzyme formula.

  • Only high quality enzymes mostly plant derived are used in Exclzyme®EN.  Plant derived enzymes provide a broad range of activity within the wide pH range (from 3 to 9), unlike animal enzymes.
  • Exclzyme®EN has high enzymatic activity 30,000 ExcIU per one tablet.
  • Enzymes in Exclzyme®EN act synergetically the phenomenon in which two or more agents acting together to create an effect greater than the predicted by the separate effects of the individual agents.

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