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Read about some of the great things people are already saying about Enzogenol®. Some of what you read here may sound fantastic but these reports are true. They have been supplied by real people, and their  experiences vary just as their age and health vary. A couple of words of caution are appropriate here. Should you have any chronic condition you should always consult a health professional.

Enzogenol Testimonials

At 68 years old, I work six and sometimes seven days a week, nine to ten hours a  day. I still feel great, and I believe my daily Enzogenol plays a big part in enabling me to feel this way. On occasions when we have run out of Enzogenol for a week or so, I  definitely notice a difference in my “get up and go”. Stewart W, 68

I suffer from no medical conditions but I have derived significant benefits from my daily Enzogenol capsules — I enjoy a general feeling of well-being, I have more energy and  I am sleeping better. Megan H, 29


Kyle has Downs syndrome, with pulmonary hypertension and Eisenmengers syndrome. He is on domiciliary oxygen; he is CHF  polycythaemic and also has gout and hepatitis B.  His care givers believe Enzogenol, which he has been given for four  years, helps him to expel toxins which accrue from all the  medication he must take. It has not interfered with any of those other medications, and they say it is a cost-effective way of giving Kyle “tremendous help”. Kyle A, 24

My ME/CFS has been slowly and consistently improving in the two and half years I have been taking Enzogenol, with  relapses being less severe than previously. I believe it, combined with other supplements, has helped me enormously —  with no adverse side-effects. Ruth F, 46

I am 76 years of age. Sixteen years ago, I had four strokes in four days. I suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnoea, retinal damage, kidney failure and loss of memory. I have been taking Enzogenol for these conditions and to help prevent further  strokes for two and half years. Over that time, I have  experienced improvement in all areas and have required less medication. Ronald T, 76

Enzogenol was recommended for our son when he was diagnosed  with Hodgkinson’s disease. I started taking it also because it is a great product, and I certainly feel better when I am taking it. At 62, it helps me feel I can cope with  life in general. Margot W, 62

I suffer from multiple sclerosis and, especially, stiffness in the finger joints. I have been taking Enzogenol for about three  years and in that time I have enjoyed a general feeling of  well-being, with lower blood cholesterol levels,  fingers that are free of morning stiffness and winters without  colds or ’flu. Carolynne D, 56

I have been taking Enzogenol, together with other supplements, for a range of allergies since it first became available. I  found that my allergies ceased to be a problem. I have  recently increased my daily intake following diagnosis of breast cancer. Ola S, 63

I have been taking Enzogenol for three years for a chronic cough caused by passive smoking. Prior to using  Enzogenol I needed to take antibiotics as my chest was always infected and my cough horrific. Enzogenol has eliminated the need for me to take antibiotics and I am coughing only a few times a day. Elaine M, 74

I have had non-specific arthritis since my early teens.  In the three and half years I have been taking Enzogenol I  have experienced a great reduction in pain and improved flexibility in movement. Psychologically, I feel better — I can cope with stress, probably because I don’t have to put up  with pain as well. I am taking far fewer anti-inflammatories  and pain-killers, most days none at all. Sue A, 54

I kept getting sick with colds, flu and migraines, as well as bad bouts of cold sores. Since starting on Enzogenol  six weeks ago, my energy levels have risen and I am not getting tired in the afternoons. I have a feeling of wanting  to do things, and I am feeling happy rather than stressing  about little things. I have stopped taking a vitamin which is supposed to help with cold sores — and I have noticed an improvement in my skin and hair. Adele D, 34

I started taking Enzogenol two months ago because I was  feeling very run-down. Now I am less tired and have the energy to get back to the gym. I love Enzogenol — I will take it forever! Melissa D, 20

I suffer from ischaemic heart disease but I have been taking Enzogenol for its antioxidant properties so I cannot attribute any health benefit to it — although I still do not have any signs of angina (touch wood!) and if I miss taking  Enzogenol for a day or two, I notice a difference in my energy  levels. Bruce A, 48

I suffer from psoriasis and started taking Enzogenol  before it became commercially available. I have since  experienced a dramatic reduction in affected skin area. It has  nearly disappeared from my knees, lower legs and elbows, just  stubbornly remaining around my eyes and ears (it would, wouldn’t it?). Craig V, 33

I have been taking Enzogenol for three years to improve my sports performance. I have noted better recovery from long cycle rides and a generally improved feeling of well-being. Jo T, 38

I was diagnosed as having the early stages of cervical cancer in 2002. Treatment brought on some bowel problems but Enzogenol, which I have been taking for two months, seems  to have alleviated these. I believe this product is very  beneficial and I feel it is going to keep me in good health.  Ngaire D, 62

Generally poor health levels, low energy and eczema,  which usually stayed around for up to three months, have been  problems for me. I was just starting to get another bout of eczema when I started taking Enzogenol two months ago. The eczema lasted only two days — and I have had none since! I have noted no negative effects. My general health is better  and my skin has improved as well. I feel more youthful. Andrew  M, 36

I don’t normally take other supplements but I have been taking Enzogenol regularly since March 2002 to improve my general health and well-being, and to reduce the effects of stress. I  felt well during a busy time at work until late July when I  contracted a virus after being away on holiday. I hope to maintain good health by regular use of Enzogenol. Dave S, 42

Enzogenol, which I have been using for a month to improve my health, seems to have provided me with good protection from winter ills. I have had no colds when others around me have  suffered both colds and ’flu. Gary W, 45

I have been taking Enzogenol for a month for the antioxidant benefits and because I have mild arthritis. I am enjoying relief from hip pain and I am feeling fresher. Susan  W, 41

I have been using Enzogenol for four years and now I have my life back! I suffered from lupus, fibromyalgia and Raynaud’s disease. The lupus symptoms have virtually  disappeared with pain levels dramatically reduced. Severe Raynaud’s has completely disappeared. I now need no  painkillers, no anti-depressants and there are absolutely no side-effects. I increase the dose at time of stress or fatigue, but only for a short time. Judy O, 56

At 63, I have been taking Enzogenol for seven years for  general health reasons. I keep excellent health and seldom suffer illness or need medication. Enzogenol also gives me more energy. I am confident I am receiving all the antioxidants I need for good health. Heather T, 63

I know Enzogenol is beneficial for me. I have been taking it for six weeks and I am less tired, have more energy and find  it easier to get out of bed in the morning. I feel great and I  am looking forward to more positive results as time goes on.  This product also appeals to me as I have previously had  cancer. Sharon N, 33

Enzogenol is great stuff. Everyone should take it. I started on it nearly two years ago for migraine headaches. I  get only mild headaches now and it has also helped with my  allergies and my general well-being. I don’t get colds or bouts of ’flu. Andrea N, 36

I suffer from lupus and was taking pain relief and  vitamins. A specialist had told me my hair follicles were dying. After three months on Enzogenol, aches in joints are  almost non-existent, I have more energy, I am calmer and can  handle stress better. My hair is growing back and my  skin is better all over; people are commenting on how good I  look. And I am no longer too tired to cope with the family  after a day’s work! Lisa G, 39


The following  Enzogenol testimonials are taken from 'The Enzogenol Story'.

 You can purchase The Enzogenol Story book through our order online dept.

Anita has been taking a high dose of Enzogenol® for one year. She says it has made a big difference to her life. "It  enlightens the soul". It is the difference between night and  day -- like a cloud had been lifted from me. Everyone comments  on how well I look.

Judy has been taking Enzogenol® for two months starting on a normal dose and increasing it  over time. She suffers from lupus and other conditions, which for the last two years have seriously disabled her with pain. After taking  Enzogenol® Judy found pain and stiffness reduced and she was able to  decrease her painkiller intake. She can now get out of bed and shower unassisted, and her energy levels are greater than for some years. The pain she does suffer is of "...a much lower grade” and she is "... coping much better ...”

Bob, an elderly  gentleman, has been on Enzogenol® for two months, starting on a low dosage rate and increasing it over time to a high dosage. He had suffered a stroke and a heart attack; he could not get out of bed. He also has a damaged spine. Bob's case was considered critical. After six  weeks on Enzogenol® he was able to stand. Many of his friends cannot  believe how well he looks. His own doctor who had not seen him for a month said he was better than he had seen him in years. Bob can now walk the length of the hospital, is much happier and is feeling great. In fact he is now hoping to leave hospital soon!

Daniel is a youngster with Attention Deficit Disorder. For just under a year, his mother has been giving him a low dose of Enzogenol® off and on. He was a  strong-willed and disruptive child who would not listen. He was always  on the go and sometimes out of control. Mother said: "He was prescribed medicines by the specialist which caused adverse reactions. Enzogenol® quietened him down quite a hit. It mellows him out, and he is not as aggressive, which makes things easier for the family. But whenever he  stops taking Enzogenol®, he reverts back to the way he was."

Wayne suffers from  Hodgkin’s disease and is taking a very high dose of Enzogenol®. He has  been anaemic and at times very tired. Wayne says that since taking  Enzogenol® he has had a great increase in energy and has been able to do  things again. He feels that it has helped him deal with chemotherapy  treatment by lifting his energy levels, and he feels he has "... more  life...”

Jim is a long time sufferer of arthritis of the hips, and before taking Enzogenol® he used to limp quite severely. Jim says Enzogenol® is "...  great for inflammation and quietens the pain down". He is on a high dose  and takes his capsules twice during the day. The relief effects are felt  within about an hour and can last for about 12 hours. It provides a "...  slow positive recovery. When you stop taking it the pain and tiredness returns.”

Alice has been on a normal dose of Enzogenol® for over four months. She has noted an increase in alertness, more energy, and a “definite increase"  in motivation and focus. Her skin has improved: “ feels a lot  smoother." Alice says Enzogenol® has increased her mental well-being and  has a calming effect on her.

Emily is on a normal  dose of Enzogenol® and describes it as "natural speed" She says it  enhances her mood and gives her a general feeling of well-being. Her  personal trainer has noticed a great improvement in her strength and  fitness.

Kevin is a busy man and has been taking antioxidant supplements for some time.  He describes his body as rather battered from his sports activities -  rugby, running, and marathons. He has found that since taking Enzogenol®  his ailments slightly worsened but then settled down completely. Pains  suffered for some time have gone and wound areas have healed. He says he  has gone from three and a half years without any major activity to a  good level of fitness very quickly, with fellow runners impressed with  his rise to fitness. Recently, he damaged his Achilles tendon severely two weeks before a charity marathon. Kevin firmly believes if he were not taking Enzogenol®, it would not have healed as well. As it turned  out, he was able to run a very long distance over the two days of the  event. Interestingly, Kevin is also finding his hair is growing a lot  faster.

Gordon has been taking a normal to medium dose of Enzogenol® for the last six  months. He noted no immediate effect, but over time he realised that he  was no longer as tired as he used to be. He has a very physical job. Since on Enzogenol® things go more smoothly and easily, and he doesn't feel as worn out.

 Lynley has been taking Enzogenol® for seven months, starting on a  low dose and gradually building up over time. She suffers from  rheumatoid arthritis and each year it seems to catch on more joints.  Sometimes her body aches all over and when it gets too bad she has had to take strong medication for it. Enzogenol® has helped her with this  and it seems to" ...keep the edge off... " Lynley has noticed the aches  and pains return within two to three days after she stops taking  Enzogenol®. She also has a much improved feeling of well-being. Something else she noticed was that swelling and bruising from a very badly sprained ankle quickly reduced while taking a high dose of Enzogenol®. She says "It provided the right environment for healing...”

Gail has been taking Enzogenol® for four to six months now at a moderate dosage rate.  She had been suffering from tennis elbow for about a year before that.  There has been" definite improvement" and she says is much more alert.

Una has been taking  Enzogenol® for nine months. Severe eczema was a frequent result of  allergic reactions to cats, feathers and dogs. Since taking Enzogenol®, Una has had very few allergic reactions. Indeed, she now has a cat, and can pet it and allow it to rub her face. Friends and family arriving from overseas could not believe the improvement. She says everyone  comments on how much younger and more healthy she looks. Una can now  wear makeup, something she could not do regularly before. She can now  swim without fear of her skin reacting to the chlorine. Una had severe  chicken pox some months ago and was concerned about possible scarring,  but her skin cleared up extremely well. She says she is now stronger  physically, has less colds and flu, sleeps better and enjoys a general  improvement in immunity. "I haven't looked back since taking Enzogenol®."

Lynne,  a sufferer of a chronic condition causing much pain and discomfort, has been on a high dose of Enzogenol® for six months after being on other antioxidant supplements previously. She says she gradually started to feel better. Lynne was having a lot of trouble moving around and doctors were advising a partial amputation of a leg, which she refused. She is  now comfortably moving around, her morphine intake has decreased and she  is eating better. She has also had improved healing of the ulcers and sores that she gets due to her condition. Lynne is very positive about Enzogenol® and says she will not stop taking it.

Nedra, an arthritis sufferer, has been taking Enzogenol® for nine months. She has increased  her dosage from normal to a high one, and feels she is a long way ahead  of where she was six months before. She does not need her regular  Vitamin B12 shots as often as previously, is experiencing a gradually  increasing feeling of well-being, is finding she is coping with things a  lot better and is enjoying better quality sleep on a more regular basis. She also says she is suffering less arthritic pain in her wrists and arms. She thinks Enzogenol® helps with healing as well, saying a twisted ankle recovered more quickly than she would have expected. Nedra's husband says she has improved immensely, calling Enzogenol® "... a godsend."

Rob has been taking Enzogenol® for 18 months now. While he considers himself  not to be a regular user, the main thing he has noticed is that when he  takes Enzogenol® he doesn't suffer from cold sores, but they become a  problem again when he stops taking it.

Alex has been taking Enzogenol® regularly for one year. He used to suffer intense migraines,  with associated vomiting and stomach queasiness, at frequent intervals  and needed strong medication to ease them. Certain combinations of foods caused an upset stomach. Since taking Enzogenol®, he has been dramatically different – the migraines have gone, he no longer suffers from nausea or indigestion, now eats foods in any combination and has no “off colour” days. Occasional slight headaches are quickly dispelled by extra capsules, in place of medication.

Alex finds he has more energy reserves and has established this is related to Enzogenol® dose levels. He takes extra Enzogenol® to eradicate fatigue and prevent jet lag on long flights. He has also noticed improvement in his skin  condition.

Julian is not a regular taker of Enzogenol®, but takes it when he is feeling tired and needs an energy boost. He also takes it when he is feeling 'fluey' and says it is very good for a hangover!

Judy suffers from a  seriously disabling illness that kept her from living life for two  years. But after taking Enzogenol® she found the pain and stiffness reduced, and she was able to decrease her painkillers. Her energy level  is higher.


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